Saransh Inc.


We firmly believe that the path to progress lies in learning and provides a congenial environment where our people can constantly improve their skills. The vision is to make Saransh one of the top ten organizations in the world for its ability to build global people through effective learning.

Towards this end, we have set up Saransh Training World (STW) – an enterprise-wide learning ecosystem that captures and delivers the learning and development needs of all our people through a single platform. STW creates and delivers role-focused learning programs to associates globally, anywhere and anytime. Over 50% of all learning at Saransh is delivered virtually. We have carefully designed learning and development strategy to meet the entire life cycle of an associate from entry-level to senior leaders.

Saransh Core Learning Center's (CLC) responsibilities include preparing entry-level talent, enabling growth and preparing an army of specialists and focusing on the mid-level, to nurture specialists for current and future opportunities. CLC also plays a crucial role in bringing associates and their families together through meaningful family learning programs.

Saransh Leadership Training Center (LTC) plays a defining role in harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of existing and emerging leaders by offering timely learning and development opportunities. LTC offers specifically designed programs that meet the development needs at all stages of the leadership life cycle. LTC’s primary objective is to foster distributed leadership among Full Life Cycle Leaders (FLCLs).