Saransh Inc.


Saransh Engineers leverage the technical expertise, master technologies and innovate solutions to deliver on time results with accuracy. We implement our solutions using the most stable, reliable, extensible, and scalable technologies.


'Write Once, Run Anywhere' is what Java offers. Java is object oriented, architecture neutral, multi-thread programming language. J2EE is Java's one of the latest offering for enterprise computing. Saransh has been working with this Java technology since its inception. Most of the employees/consultants of Saransh are Sun certified.

There are number of Java based application servers and many of them are J2EE compliant. Following is a partial list. This list may include non-Java based application servers.

Messaging Technology

Message Oriented Middleware is the heart of Enterprise Application Integration. Different operating systems, applications written in different programming languages are not very uncommon in a large company. Integrating them to work together is not an easy task. Message oriented middleware acts as a bridge between these applications with minimal changes to the architecture of existing systems.

Saransh deals with the following list of Messaging technologies:


Saransh can help you starting from the installation to productionizing your Database system. Saransh has expertise in the following RDBMS systems.

ERP Implementation

Faced with increased competitive, profit and other performance pressures, businesses and government agencies need to manage their resources better. Saransh offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to help you implement and integrate popular ERP packages, including those from Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP. Saransh’s ERP services range from assisting organizations through the package selection process to an enterprise-wide implementation of the full ERP suite.

Saransh provides functional and technical ERP services. Functional resources provide the business area (i.e. accounting, manufacturing, HR) knowledge and expertise required for rapid installation and to maximize the value while minimizing the risk of an ERP implementation. Technical resources provide the information technology expertise to deliver an efficient operating environment and database for ERP.

Web Services

Web services are the hottest technology of the day. This technology is completely based on XML, related standards and is going to revolutionize the way services are being provided on internet today. Saransh has in depth knowledge and understanding of the following related standards.

Saransh has an engineering team that is working closely with web services industry and doing web services related system development.

Windows/ .Net

Saransh has employees and consultants who are working in the following Microsoft technologies:

Unix administration

Unix is the platform to depend on for mid-range solutions. Unix has the history of stability, reliability and scalability. Having knowledgeable system administrators for your Unix platform is the key for 24x7 availability of your corporate Unix servers. High availability and clustering solutions of different flavors is really important as well. Saransh deals with administration of following Unix flavors.

Enterprise Application Integration

We provide thought leadership to leverage the power of technology to deliver better business solutions through the use of Siebel, WebSphere product suite etc. Saransh is well known for its vast knowledge of most of the standard enterprise applications and their functionality, working knowledge of legacy applications and systems and an in-depth knowledge of business processes and standards.