Saransh Inc.

Our Culture

At Saransh, there’s life beyond work. We have an atmosphere where you can balance work with personal life.

We strongly believe that employees feel satisfied when they have a good personal life as well. We conduct various work-life balancing programs that create productive work culture while minimizing the potential for tensions between work and other aspects of life. Be our learning & development webinars, self-help workshops for our people and their family members, or recreational activities filled with loads of fun and excitement, we have a number of invigorating work-life balancing programs that keep the energy level of our associates high.

Whether you are looking for more support, more opportunity or more reward, Saransh is the name you can count on. Your contribution—no mater how small or how big—will never go unnoticed here. And that’s our promise.

Join us and make a difference, not just to the world of IT but your own career.