Saransh Inc.


At Saransh, people are not just employees but family. So, like an important member of the family should, our people get endless freedom to experiment, unlimited empowerment to execute their dreams and the rare opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

Saransh Infotech is the progenitor of the SARANSH Group and is known as the ‘Entrepreneurial Innovator’ in the Indian IT industry. We believe in empowering people to help achieve their goals – goals that are obtained by bringing together talent and innovation, powered by ownership and freedom to experiment, leading to tremendous growth and gains for the individual and the organisation. Saransh has on offer an innovative program to put our employee’s career to fast track by providing a unique opportunity to reach managerial level with 12 months.

Saransh Benefits

We pride ourselves in being a pioneer in creating the “Saransh Work Life” model, setting new standards for the IT industry that focuses in fulfillment, growth and the innovative spirit. Our HR philosophy is “Think beyond HR Practices and Systems”, where we are ceaselessly creating the ‘Saransh Family’, whose DNA is Innovation, Performance and People, with an inexhaustible spirit of entrepreneurship.